Wines for the 4th of July weekend

Happy Independence Day! What's better than a year when Independence Day falls on a Friday? Not much, really.

It's another bbq weekend when a lot of people probably reach for beer but wine is the perfect accompaniment to every bbq idea-just a matter of picking the right varietals.

This 2012 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc has the right balance of crisp minerality to accompany many picnic salads as well as scallops, shrimp and prawns.

go with Sauvignon Blanc to start the day out and/or pair with pasta salads, potato salads and fruit salads. Some that I've enjoyed have been 2012 Oyster Bay, 2011 Starborough and 2012 Nobilo. Sauv Blancs from the Marlborough region of New Zealand are, in my opinion, the leaders in what other regions attempt to replicate.

Another easily found Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region to accompany traditional 4th of July fair on a warm Independence Day-Nobilo Sauv Blanc

They're green apple crisp and citrusy with a hint of spice that just refreshes on warm, summer days. Sauvignon Blanc also works well with grilled prawns and its minerality goes perfectly with bell peppers and mushrooms so, if skewers are on the menu for the weekend, Sauvignon Blanc is your go-to choice. All three Sauvignon Blancs are widely available. I've purchased them at Fred Meyer stores and Total Wine & More. Approx $10-$14

The fruit-forward tasting notes of this 2011 Macchia Mischievous Zinfandel pairs nicely with burgers, steaks and ribs.

Zinfandel is a wonderful all-American choice for burgers, steaks, sausage, chicken slathered in bbq sauce and ribs. 2011 Decoy Zinfandel is available at Battle Ground Produce. It has a full mouth feel, big and bold with a little pepper. It'd hold up great next to a black and blue burger. Macchia's 2011 Mischievous Zinfandel is fruit forward with blackberry and raspberry notes and a rich nose. I'd almost dare to chill this for about 20 minutes and serve it with grilled prawns or keep it room temperature for the red meat-focused options. Also purchased at Battle Ground Produce but I know it's available at Total Wine & More, as well. Approx $20-$23.