An approachable wine for $10


One of my loose 2014 resolutions is to spend less money on wine. Of course, I really enjoy wine but does anyone else feel frustrated when they spend $20 or more for a bottle of wine and then it tastes mediocre?

I’ve recently shared a $38 bottle of wine and a $27 bottle of wine with family. Each bottle was worth the price but those are the only two in the last twelve months that I can say that about.

It’s not that I buy $20-$25 bottles and they're undrinkable. It’s just that they don’t impress me considerably more, as a rule. This year I’m opting for value wines more often than higher price tags.

The other predicament I find myself in is ‘beholden.’ You go wine tasting, nothing particularly strikes your fancy. Sure, they’re fine but there’s that ‘F’ word…fine. How many times have you spent $25-$30 at a winery for a bottle of wine you thought was ‘fine’ so you wouldn’t look cheap or lacking in wine knowledge or that if you don’t buy a bottle, that winery will go under and the responsibility for their financial demise will land squarely on your shoulders? Sounds ridiculous when I write it down but I actually think that way sometimes.

Back in July, I believe, I was at Pasta Gigi’s monthly wine tasting. I love Pasta Gigi’s and am a huge fan of the owner, Kathy, in particular. She was pouring a $10 bottle of wine and it was very nice. I have since purchased three bottles of this 2011 Pennywise Pinot Noir. The winemakers refer to it as a ‘picnic in a bottle’ and that’s a fair statement. It’s not a bold wine that could stand up to spice but it’d be terrific with a burger or a grilled tuna sandwich or a chicken salad.

I paired this 2011 Pennywise Pinot Noir with my go-to Wasa cracker and goat cheese but the bite of the cheese was tamed down with some fig jam and it was just a relaxing treat at the end of my day. The fact is, that’s all I’m really looking for in a wine. It doesn’t need to rock my world (that’s my husband’s responsibility). For me, a glass of wine just needs to pamper me for a few minutes. If that’s what you’re looking for, pick up a couple bottles at Pasta Gigi’s and toast to a great value.